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Incredible, Ancient
Martial Art Takes Away
Stress & Anxiety... And
Leaves You With Peace,
Joy & Harmony.

For thousands of years, Tai Chi has opened hearts &
minds with its gentle, flowing movements...

... helping people live peaceful, joyful lives.

Now you too can experience this
life-changing program with our
Canal Winchester Tai Chi classes.

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A Secret That Goes Back Thousands of Years...

Centuries upon centuries ago, Chinese martial artists uncovered movements that
tapped into the soul. These movements release anger, pain & frustration...

... and welcome peace, joy & bliss into your life.

Now, thousands of years later, you can access these secrets... and experience
bliss every time you come.


Health Benefits Galore.

Tai Chi helps your body in so many ways. It
improves joint function... relieves muscle cramping &
pain... soothes stress... improves blood pressure...
reduces anxiety... and so much more.

Reach for the Stars

Perfect for Men & Women of all Ages, Shapes, Fitness Levels & Sizes.

Don't let the words “martial art” scare you away!

Tai Chi is gentle, non-intimidating, and can be done by practically anyone!

These classes are in no way about violence, self-defense, or fighting. They're
about healthy exercise and internal peace - plain and simple.

Ying Yang

Passionate Instructors to Guide You Every Step of the Way.

We're very passionate about Tai Chi here. For years, it's been an
important, healing part of our lives.

Our goal is to share this passion with you, so you can
experience the incredible benefits Tai Chi has to offer.

For literally thousands of years, Tai Chi has changed people's
lives for the better. We'd love nothing more than for you to
experience the gift of Tai Chi, too.

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